Pat Chartrand is born with Lego bricks in his hands.

From its early age until now Pat has proven to be highly creative and handy in numerous fields related to the technical world. Both entrepreneur and intrapreneur, Pat has contributed greatly to a number of heavy technical projects in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering. He is now Senior Manager of Cyber Security of a Fortune 500 company.

He started programming computers and other things back in the mid-eighties. Among his first projects: Recreating HAL 9000 (the Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer) as seen in the 2001- Space Odyssey movie.

His interests in Artificial Intelligence have kept him up at night since then, along with cyber security – ethical hacking, 3D mechanical design and making music for jingles or movie scores.

Pat discovered his HP status after a fist fight than turned bad at the office… a free Single Malt is required to learn the rest of the story.