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The Mensa Montreal Gifted Children Fund

In 1986, Mensa Montreal proposed its candidacy to organize a joint council between itself and American Mensa in 1988. Mensa Montreal was then committed to giving 50% of the profits of the activity to funds for gifted children.

In 1988, more than 1,500 Mensa members met in Montreal, and a fund of several thousands of dollars was created. In the 1990s, contributions were made by the Mensa Montreal committee and the fund treasury officer (our celebrated member Claude Roy). Despite this, the situation wasn't always easy as there were few funds to distribute and none of these were to be spent towards organizing contests or otherwise ensuring that valid contributions recipients were chosen. In 2001, a committee analyzed the various possible approaches towards finding a strategy that could take into account our limited human and financial resources, and of our objectives of making valid contributions to gifted children and increasing Mensa visibility.

All of this resulted, at the end of 2001, in an agreement with the Défi contest organized by Débrouillards for 5th and 6th year students. The contest consisted of ten challenges to which participating classes had to answer; a jury chose the winners.  In addition to the Grand prize, Mensa awarded a cash prize to the two winning classes that would help their respective faculties organize an activity for their students.  

The 2002 Challenge was a successes, and we renewed our engagement with them for the following Challenges.

In 2008, we awarded a prize of 500$ to provincial finalists of the 2008 Bell Super Expo-sciences, which took place on the 19th and 20th of April at the School of High Technology (ÉTS) and at the Palais des Congrès of Montreal. This event included scientific project finalists from across the province of Quebec, submitted by secondary and CEGEP students. Our prize was offered for “exceptional achievements”.

The Winner was Laurent Fradet, studying an 11th grade student in 5th secondary with Sherbrooke college. His project had to do with orthopedic adhesives, substances injected into the osteoporotic vertebrae, in order to stabilize the fractures connected to this disease. His research, undertaken in collaboration with a University of Sherbrooke lab, aims at improving the properties of these biomaterials. his achievement is indeed exceptional, proving that value is unconnected to age.